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Title Deeds

There are different types of title deeds in the T.R.N.C. (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), which are as follows:

Pre-74, British or foreign owned before 1974.

Turkish Title deeds, Turkish owned, before 1974

Post 74 Turkish Cypriot Ownership (T.R.N.C. title deed): Given to Turkish Cypriot in compensation, for land left in South Cyprus (exchange land, property known as Esdeger) or awarded to Turkish Cypriots by the Northern Cyprus government. Based on the 1983 T.R.N.C. Constitution, all the deeds rectified and named as T.R.N.C. deeds are freely transferable to foreigners.

When buying property of any kind, there are specific regulations to be followed, for the title deed (or “kocan”, in Turkish) to be transferred into the purchaser’s name. Let us guide you through the maze of bureaucratic paper work and regulations.

Investment Opportunities

The property market here in Northern Cyprus is relatively new and with prices still very low in comparison to other Mediterranean countries, Northern Cyprus is definitely one of the best property hot spots around.

People naturally desire the best pound for pound investment they can find and with an average of 25% capital growth per year it is hard to find anywhere else as attractive for your investment.

Rental returns are averaging approximately 10% and with an average tourist growth of 30% per year the opportunities are immense. There is good market for both holiday rentals and long term rentals to suit your preference.

Economic growth is rapidly increasing and with a huge advertising push for both tourism and construction the Island will continue to be seen as a lucrative investment.




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